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J. Solis- September, 2012

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Catherine B. - April, 2012

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T. Chau - March, 2012

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​B. Henderson - November 2011

Attorney Kevin Stouwie chooses to focus his law practice on representing Texas prison inmates seeking early release through parole because he believes people can learn from past mistakes and society as a whole benefits when former inmates receive opportunities to build new lives.

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Texas Parole Attorney

Fighting to Reunite Families Throughout Texas

What Conduct Constitutes a Parole Violation

Upon being granted parole, a parolee must sign a contract accepting the parole terms the Board of Pardons and Paroles has chosen to impose. While terms can differ from case to case, several conditions are present for most parolees:

  • Residence in a designated county
  • Payment of supervision fees
  • Periodic controlled substance testing
  • No contact with the victim, if applicable

In addition to these general conditions, the Texas Parole Board is empowered to impose a whole host of individualized requirements on a parolee, and any refusal to comply with such requirements may result in parole being rescinded.  The Board may order psychological counseling, substance abuse treatment, mandatory education, electronic monitoring, community service, and/or the payment of restitution. Additional conditions, including the prohibitions against Internet access, required registration, and the establishment of a child safety zone may apply to certain sex offenders.

Consequences of Parole Violations

Upon evidence shown that a parolee has violated a condition of release or shown behavior that would indicate he or she is a danger to society, the parole board may issue a "blue warrant" ordering that the parolee be arrested and confined in a Texas jail. The parolee then has the right to a hearing before the board or one of its designated agents to determine if there is sufficient evidence that a parole violation has occurred. A conviction or guilty plea for criminal conduct after release is usually sufficient to qualify as an automatic violation, although a parolee can still request a hearing to present mitigating circumstances. Once the board or its agent determines that a violation has occurred, it may take and one of several actions:

  • The board my modify parole to include new and additional conditions.

  • The board may place the parolee under custodial supervision in a county jail for a period from 60 to 180 days.

  • The board may revoke parole and incarcerate the inmate for the remainder of his or her sentence with no credit for the period of release.  In these cases, the offender will still be eligible for re-consideration of parole at a later date.

Contact an Attorney Who Understands the Parole Process

Rebuilding a life after release from prison can be a long and challenging process. However, our team at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie is committed to assisting inmates and their families both before and after parole release. We can help you understand your release conditions and offer tips for avoiding situations that can leas to parole violations and reincarceration. Call our office today at 855-727-6533 or contact us online to set up a meeting. We offer free initial consultations to parolees and their families.


Helping Former Convicts Avoid Reincarceration

Receiving parole is a great accomplishment and a source of joy for inmates and their families. Nevertheless, parole release requires an ongoing commitment.  Failing to closely follow the conditions of one's parole can result in revocation, rearrest, and re-incarceration. Our team at the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie is dedicated not only to helping Texas inmates win parole release but to helping them successfully complete their parole periods and move on with their lives. We can help explain the affirmative requirements and limitations parolees must respect and can counsel parolees and their families about the steps they can take to maximize their chances of success.