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The Outcome

Approval Votes

  • FI-1 (Further Investigation 1): Release offender on parole supervision as soon as eligible.
  • FI-2: Release on parole on a specified future date.
  • FI-3R: Transfer to TDCJ rehabilitation program, such as Changes/Lifeskills, no earlier than a specified date for at least four months with release on parole after completion.
  • FI-4R: Transfer to a Sex Offender Education Program (SOEP) no earlier than a specified sate for at least four months with release on parole after completion.
  • FI-5: Transfer to an In-Prison Therapeutic Community Program (IPTC), with release to an aftercare component.
  • FI-6: Transfer to a DWO rehabilitation program iwth release to continuum of care program.
  • FI-6R: Transfer to a rehabilitation program, such as the Pre-Release Therapeutic Community (PRTC) or Pre-Release Substance Abuse Program (PRSAP), no earlier than specified sate for at least six months with release on parole after completion.
  • FI-7R: Transfer to Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative (SVORI) no earlier than specified date for at least seven months with release on parole after completion.
  • FI-9R: Transfer to the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP-9) no earlier than specified date for at least nine months, with release on parole after completion.
  • FI-18R: Transfer to the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP-18) in the InnerChange Freedom Intiative (IFI) no earlier than specified date for at least 18 months, with release on parole after completion
  • CU-FI:  Designates the date an offender serving consecutive sentences would have been eligible for parole if single sentence.
  • RMS:  Release to mandatory supervision

Denial Votes

  • NR (Next Review):  This is commonly known as a "set off".  The set off can be for a period of up to 5 years.  Most set offs are 1 year set offs, but longer set offs are not uncommon in more serious cases.
  • SA (Serve All): This is a denial of parole with no regular subsequent review, which will require the offender to complete the sentence or be considered for discretionary mandatory supervision, if eligible.

Contact a Proven-Effective Texas Parole Advocate

Many inmates lose hope and assume the parole review process is a mere formality presenting little chance of freedom. With proper counsel and effective advocacy, however, Texas inmates have a very real chance of gaining early release. At the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie, we are dedicated to ensuring that parole board members and parole commissioners give inmates an honest and fair chance at freedom and take into account all the evidence and information that weighs in the inmate's favor. If you or your loved on is approaching parole eligibility, call our office today at 855-727-6533 or contact us online. We offer free initial consultations with family members, and Kevin Stouwie personally interviews inmates in custody for a very reasonable fee.

Parole Review Chronology

The parole review process begins approximately six months prior to eligibility for inmates becoming parole-eligible for the first time under Texas parole law and four months prior to eligibility for all others. It follows the following steps:

  • NOTICE - The Texas Department of Criminal Justice identifies offenders who are nearing parole eligibility and sends notice to them as well as trial officials and the victims of their family members, if applicable.
  • INITIAL INTERVIEW - An Institutional Parole Officer conducts a very brief interview with the inmate at the prison, reviews his or her file, and prepares a brief case summary for the people at the Parole Board to review at a later date.  The personal opinions of the interviewer are rarely part of the analysis at the Parole Board, although offenders should still be respectful and friendly to the Institutional Parole Officer during the interview.
  • BOARD REVIEW - The Lead Voter is assigned at one of the seven designated board offices. The Lead Voter is supposed to review the inmate's file and case summary.
  • BOARD INTERVIEW - Interviews do not take place in most of the cases handled by the Parole Board. The Board has discretion to grant or deny requests for an interview with the inmate, inmate's family, or other parties supporting or opposing parole. Crime victims, however, are entitled to an interview with the panel if they so desire.  The Board's policy is to grant an interview request of an attorney who represents an inmate and has timely filed the necessary paperwork.
  • BOARD DECISION - Once the panel has reviewed the file and, if applicable, has conducted interviews, the vote takes place, with agreement by two of the three members required for a decision. Certain, specifically enumerated crimes may require review by the entire parole board instead of a three-member panel.  


Your Chance to Make a Case for Early Release

Parole review and mandatory supervision offers an opportunity for inmates who have served a portion of their sentences to prove that they deserve to have their freedom back- on what is, essentially, a trial basis - much earlier than would otherwise have been possible. Understanding the parole review process is essential to tempering one's expectations and taking the steps necessary to maximize the chances of success.

At the Law Office of Kevin Stouwie, Kevin has many years of experience and a thorough understanding of parole laws and criminal laws, and he is well regarded for his oral and written advocacy skills.  Above all else, he is passionate and has great empathy for his clients and their circumstances.  Kevin leads a small team of experienced, educated, and dedicated people in his firm.  This team is solely dedicated to helping inmates make their cases to the parole board. We clarify the process to parole-eligible inmates and their families, provide tips on the steps both clients and their loved ones can take in preparation, and provide passionate and skilled advocacy during parole board hearings. During that advocacy process, armed with all relevant information, our ability, our experience, and our passion is where we make the biggest difference for our clients.  It truly is a precious opportunity to have the undivided attention of the people who hold the keys to your freedom.

Attorney Kevin Stouwie chooses to focus his law practice on representing Texas prison inmates seeking early release through parole because he believes people can learn from past mistakes and society as a whole benefits when former inmates receive opportunities to build new lives.


"Kevin, I knew from the day we met that I had made the right choice. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I can...I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude."

J. Solis- September, 2012

"Mr. Stouwie, I want you to know that my loved ones and I are very satisfied with your services. In my opinion, everything you did was perfect. You went above and beyond in your efforts to gain my freedom. I thank you for never giving up on me."

G. Flores - August, 2012

"Thank you so very much for winning my freedom back...My whole family says thank you as well...We made it!"

T. Morris - August, 2012

"Thank you for your hard work. I'm very grateful for having my son back."

M. Nguyen - June, 2012

"I'm stuck on WOW!!! During our interview, we discussed not expecting a miracle this go around. Repeat offender, two 18 year sentences, running cc, and you made my first parole! I'll be serving right at two years on this. UNBELIEVEABLE!...I'm just so grateful to you and your office for helping me gain my freedom...Nothing I can write on this paper could begin to express my gratitude."

Catherine B. - April, 2012

"I was granted the FI-2 and of course I am overjoyed and I want to thank you for all your assistance...I will recommend your services to others who may need trusted assistance in their (parole) review process."

T. Chau - March, 2012

"Thank you for all your help! May your family be blessed and you law office prosper and succeed. My freedom is precious and I shall not take it for granted."

​B. Henderson - November 2011

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