Our Philosophy

The term “rehabilitation” gets thrown around quite a bit when discussing the Texas criminal justice system. Unfortunately, all too often it is spoken with an edge of sarcasm or cynicism. Too many people view prison as a holding tank with a revolving door, and they see prisoners as inherently bad people, incapable of being reformed.  Kevin Stouwie believes otherwise. He believes that most prison inmates have an earnest desire to reform their lives and build new, crime-free lives. However, sometimes these people simply lack the opportunity, the information, or the counsel and support they need to make it happen and turn everything around. Kevin is dedicated to helping inmates and their families throughout the state, to get out of prison and stay out, permanently. Kevin Stouwie passionately believes that everyone deserves a real second chance to succeed, and this belief drives him and sustains him to do his best for his clients every single day.

Our Practice

Headed by attorney Kevin Stouwie, our team - new client coordinator Roxanne, client service and parole administrative assistant Lauren, and written advocacy assistants Caitlin and Alicia - work closely together to assist inmates and their families. Each member of the team has at least a bachelor's degree, and some even have advanced degrees.  All share Kevin's values and vision of doing whatever can be done to help every client make it home as early as possible.

  • Parole Preparation - We advise inmates and their families of the steps they must take in preparation for parole review, including inmate education, therapy, and reintegration planning. 
  • Parole Advocacy - Kevin Stouwie can help your loved one better convey his or her story during a parole review interview, or through direct intervention, by ensuring the board members receive the information they need to make a favorable decision. Making sure your story is presented the right way can significantly increase your chances of winning parole release.  A professional advocate usually comes across as more credible than a person whose emotional connections to a prisoner are too close. 

Contact a Texas Law Firm Focused on Rehabilitation and Release

Rehabilitation and reintegration can be a lonely and uncertain experience without the benefit of counsel and support. At the Law Offices of Kevin Stouwie, we stand with inmates and their families and take a genuine interest in their freedom, success, and future happiness. We help you prepare not only to win parole release but to gather the plans and resources necessary to avoid problems and begin rebuilding your life. Call our office to day at 855-727-6533 or contact us online to begin learning how we can help you or your loved one. We offer free initial consultations at our office to family members and can also visit inmates in prison for a low fee.


Helping inmates win freedom and a new life

When you have a loved one who will soon become eligible for parole from a Texas prison, or if your loved one has already been denied parole in the past, trying to figure out what you can do to help can seem overwhelming. Receiving early parole requires a game plan, a strategy, coupled with the genuine commitment and the ability to demonstrate that you have undergone meaningful change while in prison. Reformed inmates and their families often struggle to convey their sincerity to an extremely busy, and understandably skeptical parole board.

Kevin Stouwie is an advocate for Texas prisoners.  Advocacy is an art, and Kevin and the dedicated team at Law Office of Kevin Stouwie understand that every case is different.  We are armed with a thorough understanding of Texas parole law and the experience of having helped hundreds of prisoners make parole at the earliest possible date, and we advise prisoners and their families what we can do to strengthen each person's case.  Kevin passionately advocates for every client in writing and in through direct discussion with Texas Parole Board Members and Parole Commissioners.
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Fighting to Reunite Families Throughout Texas

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"Kevin, I knew from the day we met that I had made the right choice. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I can...I cannot begin to express my deepest gratitude."

J. Solis- September, 2012

"Mr. Stouwie, I want you to know that my loved ones and I are very satisfied with your services. In my opinion, everything you did was perfect. You went above and beyond in your efforts to gain my freedom. I thank you for never giving up on me."

G. Flores - August, 2012

"Thank you so very much for winning my freedom back...My whole family says thank you as well...We made it!"

T. Morris - August, 2012

"Thank you for your hard work. I'm very grateful for having my son back."

M. Nguyen - June, 2012

"I'm stuck on WOW!!! During our interview, we discussed not expecting a miracle this go around. Repeat offender, two 18 year sentences, running cc, and you made my first parole! I'll be serving right at two years on this. UNBELIEVEABLE!...I'm just so grateful to you and your office for helping me gain my freedom...Nothing I can write on this paper could begin to express my gratitude."

Catherine B. - April, 2012

"I was granted the FI-2 and of course I am overjoyed and I want to thank you for all your assistance...I will recommend your services to others who may need trusted assistance in their (parole) review process."

T. Chau - March, 2012

"Thank you for all your help! May your family be blessed and you law office prosper and succeed. My freedom is precious and I shall not take it for granted."

​B. Henderson - November 2011

Attorney Kevin Stouwie chooses to focus his law practice on representing Texas prison inmates seeking early release through parole because he believes people can learn from past mistakes and society as a whole benefits when former inmates receive opportunities to build new lives.

Freedom is precious...

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Law Office of Kevin Stouwie serves clients throughout Texas, and is based in San Antonio.